Hamptons Real Estate Appraiser

Hamptons Real Estate Appraiser

George A Hammer Jr. is a New York State certified general appraiser with a focus on the Hamptons. His experience covers over four decades of real estate appraising. Hammer is the real deal. You simply will not find someone in the field who is more qualified.

In a 1992 New York Times article, “…an increasing number of tax consultants like Mr. Hammer have filed tens of thousands of property-tax grievances, winning tax cuts and exposing flaws in an often inequitable tax system.” Another informative article was published in 2014 by Downtown Magazine.

You could read more articles concerning Hammer's objective knowledge. But instead of spending more time on news coverage, speak with the man himself. Give him a call at 631-728-0715.

Preparation for a West & East Hampton real estate appraiser

There are numerous factors to consider for your property to receive the optimum appraisal. A larger amount of undeveloped acres will be an incentive to buyers or investors who want to construct additional housing or expand the current home. The exterior of the home and other structures on the property will be examined by the Hamptons real estate appraiser to make sure there is no damage. This includes the foundation, sides of house and roof. Landscape design, which improves the aesthetics of your property, makes a substantial difference in evaluation. There may even be an "aquascape" at your location. This is similar to landscape but usually involves water, plants and small animals in an enclosed environment.

Interior evaluation includes condition of walls, floors, windows and doors. Other facets already built into the home to keep in mind are appliances, electrical systems, plumbing, security systems, ventilation and central air. Backyard luxuries such as a pool, pond or firepit will increase the value of the property. Be sure that the professional who is handling the Hamptons appraisal knows about the upgrades you have made to the interior or exterior of your home. This may include walk-in closets, an outdoor fireplace or an upscale washer and dryer. There could be other amenities which provide additional luxurious value to the Hamptons property. This may consist of an elaborate waterfall to go along with the pond, pool or hot tub. Waterfalls not only have a sublime look, but the flowing water prevents stagnation and influences relaxation. These water features are part of aquascaping. Environmentally friendly lighting or solar power may raise the value as well, though be sure to do your research prior to investing your money.

Villages of Interest for Hamptons Real Estate Appraisal

Each village, town and hamlet in the Hamptons has a unique charm and history. They have been witness to military operations, the arts, Native American culture and celebrations. Select one of the locations below to read further.

East Hampton
Hampton Bays
Sag Harbor

George A Hammer Jr conducts accurate appraisals for properties in Amagansett, Montauk, Northwest Harbor, North Haven, Noyack and across the rest of the south fork. You may even find him in the North Fork, specifically in towns such as Aquebogue and Jamesport. The north features wineries and farms as well as elegant homes. This region is known for its vineyards, of which there are approximately 60. Since vineyards were first sown in the 1970s, the wineries have greatly expanded. The climate and soil of the north fork just happens to be perfect for growing grape vines. In autumn months, tours of the properties are popular for wine connoisseurs. 

And those non-summer months aren't just great for grapes. If you can brave the lower temperatures, you'll have more beach to yourself! Photographers love the serene atmosphere. This is your chance for a memorable photo shoot in the one and only Hamptons. Make it a weekend trip, because motel rates are half of what they are in the summer. Come January and February, however, the atmosphere is a different story. So you may want to hold off your trip until late March. Long Island saw an enormous amount of snow in 2015. Somehow, the Hamptons survived and it remains a popular destination for weekend getaways.

Magnificent properties in the Hamptons, from above.



The Concept of Real Estate Appraisal

In the Hamptons, appraisal of property is especially necessary. Due to fluctuating markets and unique features on the site, every home should be carefully evaluated in detail. Even if you think you have an idea of what your real estate is worth, an appraiser has the experience to make an expert conclusion. There may have been an estimate given to you ten years ago, but the market and changes to your home will cause that estimate to go up or down. You’ll want to be up to date on the value of your property, in particular if you are preparing to sell your location. And because the Hamptons contain some of the most valuable land in the entire country, contacting George Hammer as your property appraiser is one of the smartest moves you can make.

While there are indeed thousands of real estate appraisers in the country, even to achieve that title takes a lot of effort. Unlike real estate agents or inspectors, the qualifications to be an appraiser are a little more demanding. Not that they aren’t important jobs, but agents and inspectors do not need much training to receive their title. Just to reach appraisal trainee status demands many hours of learning about the trade.

When it comes to appraisal, a mortgage can’t be concluded until a professional determines the property value. This is why you need someone with decades of experience to be your property appraiser. Because, if the appraisal is undervalued, then the seller will not receive their fair price. And if overvalued, a mortgage will be out of the question. The value absolutely needs to be spot on.

A real estate appraiser is added to the equation when a home is desired to be purchased via a bank loan. They also will be called upon when a mortgage needs to be refinanced. The owner of the property may have an idea of the value, but if that party has an attachment to the home or has invested thousands of dollars, they may be biased. The property appraiser, however, has not seen the estate before and will be completely objective. This is an essential quality, especially when determining values for multi-million dollar homes. George Hammer, who is a resident of the Hamptons, has impressive experience with appraising homes worth in the millions. Contact him today for further information on how to get started.

With decades of proven experience, George A. Hammer Jr. has been established as a real estate appraising authority. He does his best work in the East End of Long Island, where he also resides. Hammer's accomplishments are numerous. He has been a New York State certified general appraiser, licensed broker, and property tax consultant. If that were not enough, he has been a qualified expert witness in Federal Court in Boston, MA, as well as for Supreme courts in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Did we mention he was in the army? It's true. He served in Korea and Japan. Hammer has no comparison in his level of expertise, notably in the East End Long Island market. On the south fork in particular sits some of the most valuable properties in the country. We are talking about homes that are worth millions of dollars. If an appraiser has shown success in the Hamptons, then you can be sure that he is at the top of his game.